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Established in Dillsboro in 1828

Celebrating Over 195 Years of Worship at Hopewell

Welcome Hopewell we enjoy a long rich history. Below is a story that tells you where we came from and how we got there. Join us in worship!

The Presbyterian Church of Dillsboro was organized by Daniel Willson and Archibald McCabe, with the aid of Rev, Isaac Ogden on August 25, 1828.  This was two years before the town of Dillsborough was named and the church was called Hopewell.  Worship was held in a  log meeting house, built in 1818 in the Northeast Cemetery in Dillsboro.  The church had no stove or chimney and was warmed by a fire of coals on a flat stone in the middle of the room.

In 1841 the log church was moved from the cemetery and rebuilt where the St. Peter’s Lutheran parsonage now stands.  While relocating, the congregation met in the Methodist Church.  This was said to be a vey amicable relationship as the Methodists had met many times in the Presbyterian log church before organizing their own church

The Presbyterian congregation built a new brick church which they occupied until

Stone Marker

1879 when it sold the building to St Peter Lutheran congregation.  Picture A shows a picture of the inscribed rock which had been located at that site and as since been relocated at the present site of Hopewell Presbyterian. The town changed the spelling of its name on August 22, 1893 from Dillsborough to the present spelling Dillsboro. This was noted by the US Post Office. The Presbyterian congregation held worship in many places while waiting for their new home to be built.  Those places included the Odd Fellows Hall and the school house.

The new home of Hopewell (at the present location on North St) was dedicated on April 22, 1888 on land donated by W.S. Tyler.  The cost of the building was $2,800.00.  The building was a classic example of home-based architects, complete with Tiffany window and hand-made pews. (pictures F, G, & H) The manse was donated by Hubbard Jones Conway three days before he died on September 15, 1891.  The manse was located directly east of the church and was later sold.

The present church was refurbished, decorated and a full basement with central heat and kitchen were added in 1947.  The church was rededicated on May 30, 1948 as shown in picture B.  Additions on the back of the church were added in the early 1960’s.

A tornado in 1993 blew the steeple off the church and is shown in picture C & D.  A handicap ramp and sidewalk was added to the back of the church in the summer of 1996. (picture E).  The handicap ramp was added to meet the needs of the church and the WIC program who used the building. (picture E) The church went through additional restorations in 1998 and new glass block windows were installed.